There are several different ways you can go about this process, and it can take a bit to get the two completely acquainted. Some people can complete this process is a few days, while others may take months to get completely and safely introduced.

It is important to understand that patience is first and foremost the key to a successful and safe introduction. While it is best to take this process slow, if you do happen to simply bring your new dog into the home without introducing him to your cat, then you can always take proper precautions to ensure that introductions still go smoothly.

Pre-Introduction Preparations

Before bringing your new pooch home, set up your home so that your cat can still go about his or her business without having to go near the dog.

It is important that the cat gets to know the dog in his own time without feeling pressured. You can set up child gates and put food and water up on a shelf or high surface to ensure the cat has a place to go.

And even setting up cat doors to let your cat go into a safe room or outside will help make the adjustments go smoother.


It is important that when the cat and dog are first introduced that you monitor the situation. Have someone else with you while you watch the cat and dog get to know each other, and ensure that if anything seems strange or hostile you can pull them apart for a short while.

This will help them learn about each other without being put in a situation where one or both animals will get hurt.

This level of supervision is important to both the safety of your animals and your home as a dog and cat can cause a lot of damage if they choose to disagree with the presence of one another. It can also set back your introductions by weeks and even months.

Age Gaps

Keep in mind that if you have an older cat, an age gap between the cat and the dog will cause problems. Cats mainly find puppies to be annoying and can easily become agitated if the puppy is too rowdy.

If you are getting a dog, you will want to ensure that you find an older dog, in this case, and ensure that the dog is friendly with cats to make your life that much simpler.

Another good idea is to ensure that both animals have their own space within the home to keep the two from butting heads while you are still getting them acquainted. Remember that your cat will likely be unhappy about a new housemate coming in and not being consulted about the new addition first.

Space is sometimes key to keeping your home peaceful and hostility free between the two as dogs and cats who weren’t raised together can have disagreements of their own.