While some dogs do experience anxiety when we leave the home, others only suffer from simulated anxiety. There is a real world of difference between these two and can lead to the anxiety that we come to notice upon returning home, whether it is damage to your home and possessions or other manifestations of the anxiety.

First, simulated anxiety is usually caused by the lack of attention that the dog receives from its owner, and it can easily be corrected through proper training and time spent with your beloved pet.

However true anxiety stems from the starvation of the dogs needs and nature such as terriers and digging or protection dogs from protecting. These dogs feel true anxiety when their owners are away and can be managed through a variety of different ways.

3 Keys to Anxiety Management

There are 3 keys to training your dog as well as managing their anxiety while you are away, these are exercise, discipline, and affection. Each of these are key to not only managing your dog’s anxiety but also making them happier dogs whether you are at home or away.

Beginning with exercise, you should always ensure that your dog is receiving the appropriate levels of exercise each day.

This can easily be achieved through walks and time throwing a ball to encourage them to burn out the buildup of energy. It is recommended that you walk your dog twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night to help them relax while obtaining the exercise that they require to be well-behaved pets.

Discipline, while many people’s least favorite part of training any animal, is key to instilling a knowledge of punishment for bad actions. However the affection portion of this two part training tool will treat the dog for good behaviors. For example, you would punish your dog for getting into the garbage or chewing on something that isn’t one of his toys.

However if your dog does a good behavior, you provide a treat and a lot of affection to instill that good behaviors are enjoyed while bad behavior is not. This kind of training can be done multiple ways but will help to prevent anxiety in your dog while you are away from the house as he will know that with good behavior comes good rewards.

Other Anxiety Management

Some training that will help you to achieve greater anxiety management will include the purchase of toys to prevent boredom, and a crate so your dog may have a safe place to relax while you are away. Another tip is to go through the motions of leaving the home quietly while paying your dog no mind.

This means don’t pet him or say goodbye, simply go through the motions and leave. This should be done when you come home as well to prevent him from bursting out the door.

Ensure to leave him in the crate for a day or two while he is learning these new skills. If he his bang around, ignore it and leave, but if he is quietly laying in his crate wave, smile, and leave.