Believe it or not, nobody really knows. Some dogs do it, others don’t. And what is even stranger is that nobody is really sure of the reasons why some dogs prefer to go to the backyard for a bit of salad when they have a bowl of carnivore chow in the house.

However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about and it does seem to be fairly normal, even if the reasons are pretty unclear as to why.

You can always keep an eye on your lawn muncher to see what they do when they are eating the grass and simply take notes of the before, during, and after of his green snack.

Should We See A Vet?

While you could take your dog to the vet to ask about why he could be eating grass, but you could also be wasting your hard earned money as well as time. If you are unsure as to what is going on with your dog when he decides to chow down on the back lawn, then your vet won’t know either.

Grass eating, while normal, is said to have several different causes and there are ways to curb his appetite for the green blades.

Watching Your Dog

If you have seen your dog munching on grass and ever wondered why, then simply watching him when you take him out will help you to figure out the mystery with your own pooch. Some dogs will simply enjoy the taste of grass and wander around looking for only the best blades to eat.

Others may have an upset stomach and woof down a few good mouthfuls before vomiting. There are even a few that choose to eat grass due to a lack of something in their current diet. Knowing which of these the reasons are for your dogs need to eat your lawn will help you to correct the issue, if there even is one.

Making Changes

Seeing your dog eat grass and then vomit is a sign they should probably visit a vet to have their tummy checked out. This may be a sign of a gastro-intestinal problem or even a reflux issue that your vet can help you resolve. Those few that eat it for nutritional value can be changed to a higher fiber food and will stop eating grass all together.

However there is nothing wrong with the dog that simply likes grass and there is no need to change it or prevent it, although if you wish you can take his mind off the grass and choose to give him more exercise through play or more frequent walks. Even buying them a new chew toy can lessen the amount of grass they choose to nibble.


Ensure that your lawn isn’t using any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or other poisons to keep your dog safe. As soon as you see your dog eating grass, you should make the switch to a safer lawn care treatment plan to keep your dog from becoming sick. Simply contact your lawn care company to change the chemicals used on your lawn.