Training collars are a good reinforcement tool when training your dog to obey your commands or stop doing a specific action. If your dog is a big digger in the back yard, you can use the remote training collar to correct the action by invoking the unpleasant sensation the collar provides until the action is stopped.

You can also do this for things such as jumping, barking, and other actions that aren’t seen as well behaved. In terms of training your dog while using the remote training collar as reinforcement the unpleasant sensation is provided until the action is correctly done.

Tips for Effective Use of Remote Training Collars

There are several different ways that you can choose to use a remote training collar, however, you should also ensure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your dog doesn’t ONLY listen when the collar is on, but rather all the time. You can achieve this by putting the collar on about 30 minutes before training sessions to remind him that whether the collar is on or off that good behavior is a requirement. Here are a few tips to being successful with remote training collars:

  • Continue to use conventional training methods and only using the remote training collar once the command is completely understood as reinforcement.
  • Put the collar on your dog for a few hours a day so he can become use to it, then begin use after a few weeks of wearing the remote training collar.
  • Check to ensure the collar functions properly before putting it on your dog for safety.
  • Do not keep any metal collars or collars that possess metal on them on your dog while using the remote training collar as it may hurt your dog.
  • When you first start using a remote training collar for your dog, you should always start at the lowest setting and work your way up in intensity only if necessary. Some dogs react to the sensation at the lowest setting while others need something more intense.
  • Don’t push training sessions longer than 10 minutes or after your dog has lost interest. Taking breaks with your dog is not only the safest thing, but keeps them interested in the training. You can even plan out 30 minute breaks in training sessions to play and do other fun things.


Before you use a remote training collar on your dog, you should do your research about each product that is out there (here’s a good resource) and even contact a professional trainer for recommendations. You should also ensure that you know and understand the product before you begin using it. This means watching videos of training with remote training collars or hiring a professional to show you the ropes before using. Always remember that repetition is what trains a dog and not continuous and lengthy training sessions. If your dog seems to have lost interest or is done for the day, take a break.